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Multi-use Epoxy Flooring

A popular flooring for commercial and domestic use - durable, beautiful

Originally used in commercial applications to provide a durable sealant over bare concrete, epoxy flooring is becoming increasingly popular in residential garages and, thanks to new decorative techniques, even home interiors. Why would you choose epoxy flooring instead of a traditional flooring material?

Epoxy resin is sometimes called 2-pack epoxy because it is made up of 2 parts -- a resin and a hardener. A chemical reaction occurs and after the epoxy cures, it becomes an extremely hard, non-porous coating. Unlike paints and many other types of resins, epoxy is also a glue. This makes it an ideal coating for concrete because it adheres to the concrete and does not chip or peel.

Epoxy can be applied directly on top of new concrete or, after some surface preparation, old concrete. However, it takes more skill to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. Here at Prestige Epoxy flooring our experts start by diamond grinding the surface of the concrete. Then they will add colouring agents or other additives to the epoxy to transform an ordinary concrete floor into a stylish surface that will last for years.

The effects our epoxy flooring experts can achieve are limited only by the imagination:

  • Choose any uniform colour
  • Add colour flakes for more visual interest
  • Create a pebbled effect
  • A marble or granite-like surface can be achieved
  • Metallic finishes are also available

Here at Prestige Epoxy Floors we provide you with stunning colours and finishes for your home, garage or commercial space.  Prestige epoxy floor finishes will make your rooms look larger and brighter due to the reflective finish of the flooring surface.

With the ever-increasing popularity of epoxy coatings for concrete surfaces, decorative and stylish finishes can be obtained with the addition of decorative flake - available in matte or a gloss finish providing a sleek, showroom glazed surface providing a slip resistant surface that affords added safety from the hazard of slips.